Henneken Movers fully relies on MyLogistics

Increase the efficiency of file and customer data management. No more digging in files to find customer data. That was exactly what Zoetermeer-based Henneken Movers had to do in 2007 before AGePe Logistics came along. Just a quick overview: established in 1870, Henneken Movers is one of the oldest removal companies in their home region. They specialise in private removals within national borders and international removals mainly to England, Scotland and Ireland. Additionally, they also handle business removals, relocation of offices and business premises. Most of their turnover is derived from these activities. Another part, however, is storage. This obviously involves a lot of specific administration. AGePe to the rescue.

"The administrative pressure imposed on us top-down has increased in recent years. I can't imagine how we could have managed that in the old way." – Lauwrens de Jong, Henneken Removals

From extra modules to MyLogistics

In 2007 we started from the existing software package, the basic package so to speak. This was gradually expanded with additional modules. During use, certain opportunities naturally emerged, which is why Henneken urged AGePe Logistics consultants to play a more active role. Both parties sat around the table, reviewed functionalities and identified needs. The result: the development and implementation of a series of new modules and even greater administrative efficiency. And meanwhile, the switch to the new MyLogistics ERP package is also a reality (autumn 2023). This immediately put an end to some of the less user-friendly features from the past. That’s what we call growing together.

Clear opportunities & short lines

"AGePe Logistics has many strengths. For example, the possibilities of the software are very clear. Besides, the consultants know the moving industry inside out, so they know what is going on in our profession. The short lines of communication are also an absolute bonus. The same consultants from AGePe have been around here for years. There is little turnover and that instils confidence in us as customers”, Lauwrens de Jong adds.

It should be clear that AGePe Logistics develops software tailored to your industry. Forwarding, transport or removals, as a logistics company you need optimisation and efficiency. And that is exactly what MyLogistics offers as a cloud-based ERP system, always having users and work processes in mind.


Run your logistics business more efficiently? Just go for MyLogistics. Feel free to send us a message for more info. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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