POT Removals/Logistics makes efficiency gains with MyLogistics

An unusual approach for a high-quality logistics service provider: job satisfaction as an essential part of quality. And customers do notice it, as it makes their move more pleasant and worry-free. Typical POT Removals/Logistics from Amersfoort, a sustainable family business that has been around for more than 116 years. All this job satisfaction requires a lot of organising, and the AGePe Logistics Software ERP is a great support.

An ICT supplier is not easily approved at POTRemovals/Logistics. It has to fit like a glove, and be so much more than that. Some 25 years ago, the team set out to find the best software for moving companies, and AGePe proved a match. That was yesterday and is not necessarily still the case today. As a logistics service provider, POT Removals/Logistics always takes a critical look at itself and its suppliers.

Logistics software that works for you

Mark POT, CEO: "When AGePe announced the new ERP version MyLogistics, we re-examined the market. We had to switch to a new system anyway. It is important to us that the logistics software not only fits us well, but also that it will work for us. The previous AGePe software did what it was meant to do. MyLogistics goes much further and actually helps us work more efficiently. Other packages can't compete with that."

Here’s an example: during a move, you need to take care of lots of things, such as arranging permits, cranes, coordination within the team, contact with the customer, etc. If you have ever forgotten anything or failed to take timely action in the past, it won’t happen again. With the fixed pattern of workflows in MyLogistics, you always think about the right tasks at the right time. The software enhances your work, rather than just doing what you ask it to do.

Easier, clearer, more efficient

POT Removals/Logistics has now fully completed the implementation or switch. Today, 25 office workers are already working with MyLogistics. Another 45 colleagues are in the implementation phase and will soon start using it. Meanwhile, at AGePe we are assisting the POT Removals/Logistics team where we can to make the most of the system. Initial user experiences are positive:

  • Modern look & feel
  • Logical layout
  • Easy control tool - e.g. for invoicing


If Mark POT has anything to say about it, you should not hesitate to switch to MyLogistics. "The package facilitates your entire process, not just small pieces which is often the case with other ERP. The interfaces with other systems also went very smoothly. AGePe made great investments and listened carefully to users before developing. Switch now and make the efficiency move to be up to date. We are already super excited. It is a constructive collaboration. Hand in hand, the software is getting better and more comprehensive for everyone. We are looking forward to it and we are very happy with our choice of MyLogistics."

Tip: active in art transport, intermodal transport, machine transport, sea or air freight? MyLogistics also works for you.


Run your logistics business more efficiently? Just go for MyLogistics. Feel free to send us a message for more info. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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