Business continuity guaranteed at Gamblin with MyLogistics software

In January 2024, Paris-based logistics service provider Gamblin went live with MyLogistics software. Quite a switch after 20 years of working with another ERP package. The ambition to modernise and digitalise went hand in hand with the mission to ensure successful implementation. A state of affairs after several months of user experience.

Family business since 1927, the 3rd generation in charge, flexible, creative and dedicated in terms of high-quality logistics services in France and abroad... customers know why they choose Gamblin. It once started as a removal company for individuals and companies, and over the years it evolved into high-value logistics and a storage and logistics heritage partner. 

"We move people, not just cubic metres." General manager Emilie Gamblin

Highly recommended

For roughly twenty years, Gamblin used various moving software solutions, which ultimately proved to be inflexible and unable to adapt to the company's expansion into other logistics services. That's why there was a need to explore another solution, one that's more contemporary.

Emilie Gamblin: "In 2022, I heard from a logistics company in the Netherlands that AgePe Logistics Softwareand MyLogistics were highly recommended. We arranged a demo, and from there, our collaboration became a reality. We started preparations in April 2023, with the intention of going live in August. It all went a bit slower than expected, partly because I really wanted security for our business continuity. When that was all clear, we went live. It was January 2024."

Work in progress

Today, about 30 end users are already working with MyLogistics. Particularly appealing is the mobility, having all documents and communications readily accessible on a tablet. "The biggest win for us was that we went live and afterwards did not lose any operations or actions that could compromise the relationship with our customers. The continuity has really succeeded", says Emilie Gamblin.

At Gamblin, they realised very well that it is an evolving software package. They have now made a list of adjustments that they would wish to add for their operations. Sometimes very general matters, sometimes very specific. Consulting proves very helpful, and Gamblin’s IT manager is committed to that. Or as Emilie Gamblin likes to put it: “We can work, but we want to work faster and better.”

We understand this at AGePe Logistics Software. We too are committed to logistics software that keeps getting better and more efficient.


Run your logistics business more efficiently? Just go for MyLogistics. Feel free to send us a message for more info. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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