Relocation services to Sweden 'made easy' with MyLogistics software

Moving across borders is a significant event. With a dedicated moving partner, those first moves go just a little more smoothly. Enter Van Rooijen International Movers, a family business with more than 40 years of experience in international relocations. Every week, they provide removal transport to and from Scandinavia, with a focus on Sweden. They aim for a flawless process, and the right ERP software makes all the difference.

From 6 software programmes to just 2 tools now, being Outlook and MyLogistics. This was a necessary evolution that Van Rooijen had initiated since 2017 with a view to greater efficiency and ease of use. The company engaged with AGePe Logistics Software, leading to a productive partnership.

Understanding the moving industry

Owner Robin van Rooijen: "At the time, we started with the old programme. That whole package was too big for our company, but still. The templates we needed were in it, making offers and managing contacts suddenly turned out to be much easier, and the financial reporting clearer. Yes, it felt like we were suddenly relieved, and other systems were too superficial anyway. After we worked with it for a while, experience expert Lucien Pot informed us that a version 2.0, being the new MyLogistics, was in the works. Very progressive it looked, and it was clear that they had gone even deeper into customer requirements during development. The fact that there are people at the helm of AGePe Logistics Software with a clear understanding of the moving industry also created confidence."

Integrations Triglobal & ReloAdvisor

From the beginning, Robin was involved in the development of MyLogistics. And like other logistics companies, he was able to pass on specific needs. Using that feedback, we at AGePe Logistics Software continued our work. There was a request to build in a link with the lead generation tool Triglobal and the online quotation service ReloAdvisor. Today, this integration is a reality. "A big advantage”, Robin continues. "Our customers enter their data via external forms or websites, and all that info comes through to MyLogistics in real time and automatically. Quotations are therefore made in no time, and there is no chance of errors due to manually entering customer info. The customer is responsible for what he or she enters."

Leaders in ERP & service

MyLogistics has now been running at Van Rooijen since summer 2023. It took some searching in the beginning, but today Van Rooijen is a satisfied ambassador. "And whether it was and is constructive", says Robin. "In the beginning, I found it a bit harder to communicate, but that phase didn't last long. People think in terms of solutions, not problems. Another added value is that several times a year we are allowed to participate in roadmap meetings where the next developments and priorities are discussed. This really makes our work easier."

Benefits MyLogistics according to Robin:

  • Reducing time expenditure with automated processes
  • Increasing efficiency, less errors
  • Continuous pursuit of usability optimisation
  • Excellent customer service
  • The perfect base for further expansion – suitable for teams of any size, from 2 to 20 users, without limitations

“Given what AGePe Logistics Software has upcoming and their approach of working closely with the customer… success is assured. Highly recommended for any logistics company. Leaders I call you guys”, Robin concludes.


Run your logistics business more efficiently? Just go for MyLogistics. Feel free to send us a message for more info. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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