Unique ERP software that focuses on users and work processes and makes your operations even more efficient

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Thorough craftsmanship

As a logistics company, you want a customer-focused automation partner who understands your industry. Someone who knows how to get down to business and has the necessary expertise. Count on AGePe, a leading company in automation for the logistics sector. The mix of pure craftsmanship, commitment to the customer and sense of quality makes us an all-round systems house where continuity is a top priority.

Strong automation of your business processes

With the innovative MyLogistics system - unique ERP software that focuses on users and work processes - we make your operations even more efficient. You won’t be disappointed by the result: highly engaged employees and partners, optimal monitoring and an effective workflows. MyLogistics is designed and developed with the latest technologies: low-code platform from Mendix.

The 4 pillars of MyLogistics

My personal cockpit

Each employee creates their own working environment, 100% tailored to their specific role in the company, personal preferences and any required extra features. A perfect match between work environment and employee.

My Project Action List

The My Project Action List – or in short: MyPal, or my buddy – didn't steal its name. MyPal is in fact the beating heart of the MyLogistics system and supports users in implementing the work programme.

Anytime, anywhere

MyLogistics is the cloud-based ERP solution for the logistics industry. Always available worldwide, on any platform and for everyone involved in the project. Even non-human participants such as IoT devices.

Sublime UI & UX design

A nice combination of the right look and feel and smooth functionalities is crucial for efficient operation. That's why at AGePe we choose intuitiveness and dynamic design with adaptive shapes, colours and more.

A clear overview in one place

Full programme overview

MyPal gives employees an overview of the actions to be carried out today, tomorrow, this week and further into the future. A clear work programme drawn up by the planners and by the user.

Personal capacity planning

A real-time view of the workload. Very practical. Through adjustable standard times, MyLogistics calculates the number of scheduled working hours, so that both the employee and the manager can see what capacity is still available.

Integrated project overview

An absolute added value of MyLogistics is that users can easily monitor their own actions, as well as all tasks of the project including their status. The way to encourage employee engagement, so they motivate each other to complete tasks on time.

Helicopter view

Give clients, suppliers and other partners access to MyLogistics in addition to your own employees? No problem. Each with adapted authorisations and modules. This keeps all parties involved informed.

Complete ERP integration

MyLogistics is fully workflow-driven: action lines which allow users to easily perform actions and also register them as completed. Moreover, the action lines are 100% integrated into the ERP system, which in turn is fed with information from those action lines.

Project communication

Clear communication is key to bringing projects to a successful conclusion. That's why MyPal, MyCockpit and MyLogistics form temporary partnerships on a project basis, allowing everyone involved - from team members to partners, suppliers and even clients - to communicate with each other through numerous channels. Convenient, especially as communication can easily be logged and added to the project file.

Start-up MyLogistics

Efficiency all the way with MyLogistics for a fixed monthly fee. Thanks to our proven track record, at AGePe we know that the start-up of a new system is all the more powerful with the right support. That’s where our customer care team comes in. They guide you step by step during (online) activities and workshops. If we develop new modules after onboarding, we will also add them to your MyLogistics system. Matter of always guaranteeing you the best software.

Satisfied users


Run your logistics business more efficiently? Just go for MyLogistics. Feel free to send us a message for more info. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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